Writing Non-Fiction vs Fiction

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

One would normally say fiction is better over non-fiction or the other way around. These two categories can either receive great remarks or criticisms regardless of its difference and style— it’s the author’s writing practice and intricacy. If you’re uncertain about the category you should come up with, whether you go for fiction or a non-fiction book then you’re in the right page. Identify the slightest advantages and disadvantages that could impact your writing process and goals positively, and let’s see what you can decide for yourself.

Non-fiction’s benefits include it as a forever trend in the literary pool. Potentially, more people engage in non-fiction stories, magazine publications, newspapers, documentaries, and the list goes on. Non-fiction converses on the current event, or the status quo which is what the regular people would likely read while sipping their morning coffee.

Needless to say, non-fiction publications and/or books make more money than fiction. No selling or complex marketing strategies is involved, it sells effortlessly. Plus, newspapers and magazine publications intentionally teaches you discipline- discipline in beating the deadlines and hoarding the latest scoops.

Fiction on the other hand has its own fair share of its advantages. Every fiction book is an imaginative author behind it— an author who longs to freely express their fancy thoughts and creative side with the liberty of time to publish their work.

The best thing about fiction is it is enduring, it doesn’t last for a week or two, its forever! Talk about Jane Austen, Richard Bach, and etc. Their literary works are still being recognized until now.

Your favorite part might be writing what’s exactly going in the back of your mind, expressing it through eccentric scenes, heroes, extraterrestrial living, or surreal kingdoms. As an author, you can potentially make that happen through literary fiction. Fiction is a perfect escape from reality while non-fiction on the other note entails on life’s reality.

So which writer are you?


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