What Makes Your Writing Spark Joy

What Makes Your Writing ‘Spark Joy’?

Writing can either be innate or a driving force for a writer to do it. Even the acclaimed writers need guidance from their fellow writers and professionals to polish their work. Not everyone can attain perfection, but enhancing your fiction writing closest to your definition of perfection can probably be something that’s achievable. See what makes your story become a literary novelty that sparks joy.

1. Know the reasons why

This is more on knowing your intentions, and a clearer vision of your goal why you’re writing. You can never succeed and settle a constant writing habit if your story’s all over the place. And most likely you’re not going to finish it.

2. Cut right to it

Showing instead of telling your story is a good practice in fiction writing yet you have to balance and know the boundaries in giving out descriptions. Cut to the chase and know the right timing when to drop the thrill impact. Don’t tire your readers by beating around the bush and leaving them unresolved events.

3. Find a writing place

Did you know that your creative juices often stir up when you’re at your most relaxed state? Find a space where you can write comfortably, with less distractions, and a convenient time where your creative mind works in most instances.

Writing Your Book

4. Set a timeframe

Learn to set a time limit in writing and don’t push yourself too hard. You can outline your thoughts through bullet points or in any way you can remember it if you run out of time; you can work it out during your next writing schedule.

5. End it with a bang

Don’t waste the first hundred pages for nothing. Make sure your audience has something to look forward in your last chapter, and something that would impact their life.

These are the basics to initiate that spark between your audience and your book. Color your story in a way that it has a touch of reality that parallels on the bizarreness of your fiction.

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