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5 Ways to Be a Great Science Fiction Writer

Your plot may surpass the rest of the fiction works or it must have been something that any writer has not thought about. Yet these brilliant fiction ideas can easily be thrown overboard if not delivered properly to the audience. Anyone can be a fiction writer but not everyone is an effective sci-fi writer. So let’s go over these helpful items to fulfill your fiction writing goals.

1. Read and watch more sci-fi genres

This is the very fundamental in writing fiction. This is not to replicate any bits of a particular book but it should serve as a reference in regards to the writing style, the tone, and how the author has applied the ability to show the story instead of just solely telling it.

Reading Science Fiction Book

You may review some of the famous sci-fi books: Star Wars, Ender’s Game, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the like.

2. The “What if” question

Science fiction is also recognized as the “what if’ genre. Every sci-fi book is conceptualize with the what if formula— this is how you immerse your readers by showing them something unusual, beyond what the eye can perceive, or supernatural events that would stir up their interest and involve them like they’re part of the alternate reality.

3. Designate the core elements

Once you have the entire plot, setting, and all that would make up the storyline, make sure you designate them to each of its corresponding core elements for proper novel organization- from its introduction, climax, resolution, and etc. Proper story organization helps your readers’ understand your story than having it written all over the place.

4. Memorable characters

Another aspect where you capture your audience into the bait is through the characters you build. One way of building notable characters is giving it a realistic touch of personality where any readers can relate to. Stop the traditional lineage of characters that are predictable. They need something new to their eyes!

There can be a lot of effective science fiction tips out there but don’t be too hard on yourself. Discover, experiment, and see the beauty behind it. Never forget the reason why you’re writing. Keep the fire burning!

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