Effective Science Fiction Writer

Are You an Effective Science Fiction Writer?

When science fiction comes into your mind, what normally calls into our mind is anything eccentric with the involvement of extra-terrestrial entities. If you’re an established author who has published a book— are your readers reminded of your novel when they spot a sci-fi book in one of their local bookshops? Anyone can make up anything twisted, and bizarre, but it takes one great writer to pull off a good sci-fi read. What do you think makes a sci-fi writer?

1. Be original

Originality is a huge factor in science fiction. The sci-fi genre has been expanding rapidly and it feels like all the bizarre ideas that you could’ve thought of are already picked by hundreds of sci-fi authors— and that’s the challenge right there— coming up with an authentic story that wouldn’t remind your audience of an existing science fiction when they read your book. A story they will recognize as unique and original— a novel that leaves them in awe.

2. Brilliant conflicts

Don’t waste your ability in show-telling, and great ideas over dull conflicts. When dealing with conflicts and the story’s complexity, it has to involve anything that’s relatable with the trend, or have a touch of the latest innovations, and other aspects that you can parallel with the prominent events in the past including your characters. This could build up a texture or tone to your story.

3. Avoid prologues

If you’re a sci-fi buff then you absolutely know how much sci-fi writers don’t fancy prologues. Prologues can establish the mood of your story yet some can be done really badly. Prologues are crucial, so it’s recommended to cut it right in and start in your intended introduction.

4. Excessive details

Sci-fi naturally has to explain detail to detail to create an image to your readers’ mind. Yet just like the prologue, this is a crucial part as well. Don’t overwhelm your readers with unnecessary information that they don’t even have interest in. Don’t ruin the hype and let them enjoy the story without too much details.

These are only the fundamentals in overcoming bad habits in sci-fi writing. Let us know if you have something you want us to know!

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