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Gaming Life: There’s More To It!

When someone gets to be labeled as a gamer, one can picture out a slack high schooler in his worn-out jeans pounding his Nintendo buttons heavily. Or it may happen to be that random guy next door who’s been missing school for days because his video games have consummated him and become his gaming life entirely. That’s how probably an average person assume how gamers would normally look like. But with someone who has seen the gaming industry’s redeeming feature, we see them differently as a gamer apart from their worn-out jeans and slack behavior. Gamers seemingly hold this entitlement of not just being the typical gamer but a tech-savvy as well. Apart from their ample knowledge about how games work, their knowledge extends to any PC related concerns, the latest gaming consoles, down to making a living through what they love to do. It went without saying, there’s more to see behind the curtains in the gaming landscape.


Photo by Ben Neale on Unsplash

Gaming has built its new heights in the industry. From the fascination of plain gaming alone up to building a career out of pure leisure. What has been a diversion is now considered as a new means of living and is already highly encourage to any gaming related events and competitions such as eSports (Electronic Sports). eSports is a gaming event where games are exhibited and a group of professional players is teamed up to compete in a multimillion tournament worldwide. And it’s surprising to see the society behind this growing industry is a community of young men whose initial purpose of playing is just for untainted pleasure but ended up bagging a prize that sums up to more than any average employee’s annual salary. Taking into account that the gamers behind this industry usually consists of college dropouts, or high schoolers which some would also make a living through streaming online games, inviting over a hundred of online users to watch or even play with them as well. Social media has been a great medium to incorporate the importance of gaming. From live streaming games to YouTube gameplays. The gaming preference has sustained its flexibility to the mediocre community that it doesn’t even require you to finish a degree or hold any academic accolades to be qualified, but that strategical thinking and determination alone would suffice.

Today’s generation of gaming has developed a culture where it’s not being interceded as a spare activity that causes compulsive gaming. With the exception of gaming’s positive edges that it has grown into, Tomlin’s The Imaginarium Machine book flies you to a different level of gaming that involves every brain cell of yours to function its creativity from within.

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