Writers Play Video Games

The Writer to Gamer Switch

There are countless ways on how a writer can improve; and one surprising influence that could boost a writer’s writing capability is indulging into the gaming realm. Here are a few factors why writers can opt to gaming as a supplementary medium as a mode enlightenment.

Reasons why writers play video games

1. Creative story World

I have to admit the way the story world is built and designed in some video games are pretty impressive and captivating; which is one factor that drives players to increase the game’s ability to be explored. Every video game has to hold the quality that would tap into a player’s interest in exploring the setting, and a story world full of surprises. This happens the same way with how settings are reimagined by writers. The fictional dwellings is much like an empty canvass while the video games’ story world functions as the colors that expresses the setting’s vibrancy.

2. Feud-Driven Storylines

Conflict highlights and gives spark to the story’s main viewpoint which goes the same way as to how novels are written. In fact, it’s the conflict that draws players to beat every obstacle until they reach the winning goal. Similar story should be achieved in stories. Conflicts should be focused more to dig in the interest from readers as to how, and will the characters be able to beat every barrier.

Video Game Joystick

3. Signature Characters

To make this short and direct, you have to build a character that will be imprinted into the readers’ mind the way players picks a specific the same hero over and over again because they’ve built a connection to it

4. Communicate Emotionally

Emotional backstories or introductory storylines makes up the entire foundation of a game. Positively, this is well portrayed in every written stories and it’s the same factor that hooks your readers.

Games and stories shares the same denominator at some point. If you ever had the interests about stories that involve games, then The Imaginarium Machine is a perfect fit for your fandom.

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