Gaming Benefits

Gaming: A Definite Yay

The idea of gaming has been a tug of war ever since. Moreover, there’s always this innate instinct that drives the society to find faults on something before we get to know the entire story behind it. Let’s be honest, the gaming’s ups and downs are made known to everyone yet it’s easier for us to target its drawbacks. Despite the wrong beliefs, how about considering its good part and think what makes gaming beneficial to us.

How is gaming beneficial to us?

I’m positive that everything in moderation won’t cause any harm so here are a few reasons what gaming has in for you:

1. Gaming Levels Up Your Decision-Making Skills.
Providing that video games enhance your decision-making skills- after a thorough research, C. Shawn Green quoted that:

“Action video games are fast-paced, and there are peripheral images and events popping up, and disappearing. These video games are teaching people to become better at taking sensory data in, and translating it into correct decisions.”

Being a partly gaming geek, I would have to agree with this. Every time I get stuck in a situation where I am clocked to pick an option, (picking an item to drop off to loosen my inventory capacity) it signals my senses to make the best possible choice as quick as I can. Losing the game would eventually alter the player’s game plan and strategy, thus engaging your decision-making skills.

2. Gaming Slows Down Aging!
We are all aware how routine exercises and any habitual practices can ease down aging but guess what? So is gaming! A study conducted in University of Iowa quoted that:

“We’ve shown that 10 hours is enough to slow the decline by several years. We saw a range across all our tests from a minimum of a year-and-a-half all the way up to about six-and-a-half years of recovery or improvement. From just 10 to 14 hours of training, that’s quite a lot of improvement.”

Any task that involves your mind working helps you shape up your brain cells and resolves the aging components.
Advantage of Playing Video Games
3. Enhance Your Learning through Playing.
Investing your time in gaming is not always a fruitless activity like how others see it. Truth is, you get the chance to enhance your learning capability. Another research conducted both at University College London and Queen Mary University cited:

“This result supports the notion that the within-StarCraft gaming manipulation led participants to manage more information sources during game play, thus leading to enhancements in cognitive flexibility.”

Given that Starcraft and the rest of the video games involve the player’s persistent thinking and contribution, it squeezes out all the intellectual juices for you to manipulate the game.

4. Gaming Gets Rid of Depression and Anxiety.
Did you know that a video game was designed to treat depression and anxiety? Last 2013, the fantasy game SPARX came to life to provide therapy to teens who show possible signs of depressive symptoms. The game was put to test over 168 teens that show signs of depression and concluded that these SPARX players did better at recovering from depression compared to the ones who took up the traditional therapies.

Having that said, gaming isn’t that bad after all. In fact, it holds a distinct feature that switches the thought of pure gaming into a mental and physical remedy. Shift the wrong beliefs about gaming into a positive one. Gaming indeed is a definite yay!

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