Good Scie-Fi Character

How a Science Fiction Character Should Be?

Every science fiction element has to leverage or make a difference. Each element has to equalize the rest, as everything contributes to the structure of the story. One factor that every sci-fi writer should pay attention to is character building. See these helpful points below to know how a good sci-fi character should be built.

1. Introduce your characters as individuals, rather than types.

Basic rule is building a relatable character where your audience or readers can establish a connection with. Elizabeth Bear, Campbell- and Hugo-winning author of Carnival and Undertow suggested to try very hard to know them as people,” she urges. “That goes for any setting, past or present or future – or alternate reality.”

2. Give your characters a dynamic substance

Create a character whose personality portrays relevance to the entire story or the conflict itself- it can either be a scientist, a time traveler, or any individual that holds a certain capacity of intelligence that could influence how the story is being told. This includes the things they love and their fears.

3. Archetypal characters

You may be writing a sci-fi genre but that doesn’t mean you can overdo a character’s personality and abilities. Get rid of building characters that possesses cliche and predictable personalities.

4. Unusual innovations

Don’t scare your readers with unusual machines that feel like they need to spend the entire two chapters to learn how that works, and how relevant that is to the plot. Deal with innovation and technology in a way that you don’t feel like you are lecturing a bunch of kids who have no idea what you’re talking about. Build that drive within them.

5. Keep your characters grounded

Your characters should be “totally convinced they live in the present, rather than the future. Because, of course, it IS the present to them,” says David J. Williams, author of The Mirrored Heavens. Ensure that your character has a realistic history that propels them into the future.

More importantly, maintain the consistency with an equalized portion of your creativity. The pure essence of science fiction is the ability to stay unique and original!

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