Gaming VS Reading

Gaming vs. Reading: Which is Which?

I came across some blurbs spilling the drawbacks and beneficial sides of gaming and reading books. Do books happen to be better over video games or is it the other way around? Nonetheless, no form of leisure can act like it is superior over the other since the host decides where the fun meter goes. The mass audience comes with different level of interests: one may favor more on gaming because he’s into interactive media, while the other is indulged into books because of its instilled comfort with no technical media to get involved with. In any case, to shed a light on this compare-and-contrast feud, let’s consider the lucrative intentions from both parties.

It turns out parents would typically pick books over video games as a preferred downtime for their children due to this parental instinct implying books as a wellspring of a child’s intellectual capacity. But just so you know- gaming acts the same only that, video gaming platforms is discredited as mediums of leisure that factored idleness and evil representations amongst children. Yet, it has escape to notice how video games shape one’s skills in decision-making and strategizing through visual and mind interaction while your potentiality will be put to test. So you don’t just basically picture out how the hero looks like, (just as much as you normally do when you read) but it is visibly presented right in front of your screen. Gaming grants you complete control over the outcome of the game, thus providing pure fun and mind stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, I both enjoy the pleasure of gaming and reading that it would torn me at times if I should go grab the controllers and spend the rest of my hours streaming Devil May Cry 5 or should I just instead chill on my couch and finish off the last few chapters of Palahniuk’s book.


Reading Books VS Playing Video Games


Books are indeed backwards- compatible, but mind you so is Xbox and the upcoming PlayStation 5 that I’m eagerly looking forward to lay my hands on. The only thing you’d probably stressed over is the amount of cash you have to spend to acquire the entire Xbox and PlayStation set as opposed to how books would normally cost.

To sum things up, both gaming and reading shares both sides of the same coin but it doesn’t make either one of them less. On another positive note, I’ve always wondered how a game is interpreted through books. It would appear two platforms being merged into one medium of absolute fun and reading. But guess what? John Adrian Tomlin made that possible for us! Tomlin’s book- The Imaginarium Machine, enables you to explore the game through your mind and brain cells alone. Scan through the book while you put yourself in the game at the same time!


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