Gaming Culture

The Gaming Culture Evolution

The gaming industry’s robust growth over the course of time led to various cultural forces mounted with both of its up and downs. Contrary to the traditional arcade games in the past, games nowadays are being live-streamed globally, and several teams from different countries takes place on online game competitions, granting players a million dollar prize for the best player who wins the match. Notice how gaming gradually evolves into fractions of new pursuits and how it affects the gaming’s cultural growth.

1. Normies’ ultimate villain

Despite of gaming’s fairly large growth, its tragic and psychological downside compromises the gaming industry’s appeal. The growing murder rates and mass killing is believed to be the psychological effects of violent video games to the players’ minds. The same mass killing was described with the Columbine shooting and the Sandy Hook Massacre where the convicted teenagers who committed the crime was believed to be inclined with the violent video games such as Doom.

2. Cosplay satisfaction

Cosplaying or costume play to be exact first originated in Japan catering to anime and western cartoon character dress-ups. Today, gamers and the regular cosplayers find delight in dressing up as their favorite video game character. It goes to show how cosplay has expanded its scope from anime and western movie characters to video game personalities. Gamers resourcefully find cosplaying as another alternative to express themselves and show off their creative side while earning cash in return for appearances in cosplay conventions.

3. Gamers are living the best of both worlds

We all realize how the gaming industry has established their label in the over-all game scene. The rapidly growing universal media platforms are now heaped with game streamers gaining millions of viewers through different sorts of game stream platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Omlet, Tamago, and etc.

Gaming’s cultural force includes VR and the rest of the innovative evolution in the future that any game buff is looking forward to, and it only keeps getting better. What else can you think that drives the gaming’s cultural force?

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