Game-Based Written Books

A Gameplay Through Books

As we all know, the literary status quo is dwelled with books that mainly roots from biographies, poetry, romance, or books published from movies, yet books based on games was seemingly a hard find. My room, even my working desk is huddled with books coming from different genres, (except for romcoms or plain romance novels that I’m not fond of) although I scarcely have books that were written based on the existing video games. Game-based written books or suchlike never misses to draw my attention and activate my fangirling guts especially if the book is about a much loved game or if the game inclines to my interest level.

Video Game

A gameplay whose underlying story is recounted through books, why not? It joins two different areas of leisure into one, presenting a refurnished viewpoint of the actual game. Belonging to a geek circle that marvels over horror, suspense, and sci-fi books, my shelf is stuffed with Resident Evil collection, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and the complete Star Wars books apart from the video games that correspond to it. There’s completely a huge difference when you go over the book that tells about the game you play or if the game happened to be your favorite. It gives you a new-fangled story to be nuts about aside from what is being told or played in the game. The early phases of publications established from games seems to catch up to the mass demand and certainly will open a door of opportunities to the writers and benefits the game they will be writing as well. And positively, this has to come with the legal copyright permission from the makers of the game. The possible goal for this is to build a successive digestion to its intended market like playing Resident Evil 7’s Biohazard, there’s always an untold backstory about Zoe and the Baker’s family that you want to find out why. Game backstories creates that appeal to the audience that it would be easy to win them over game-based written books. With the gaming industry’s rising community, game-based books will absolutely find their space in the literary landscape.

One of the books I’ve been looking forward to, hoping someday I’ll get to squeeze it in together with my game-based books is John Adrian Tomlin’s The Imaginarium Machine. To give you a glimpse of Tomlin’s book, the story jumps forward to the future in the year 2030 where E3 exhibits the main highlight that stands out from the rest of the gaming consoles everyone knew, the Imaginarium Machine. We all know how frequent PlayStation, Nintendo, PSP, and Xbox has become, yet this highly innovated machine stood out from its unusual features. Its special features allows you to play the game through your mind, feel your surroundings, smell and taste your food, in other word, it involves your physical senses in playing the game like how you live in actuality. Although, the book is based on a machine that has not existed yet but who knows in the near future. We already have VRs that’s already making a one step away to Tomlin’s projected Imaginarium Machine. A fiction book might depict the future of the gaming industry. There could be such gaming device one of these days!

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