Gaming Evolution

The Gaming Evolution

The gaming evolution and its historical contexts are only among the engaging subjects that a hardcore gamer would be interested to hear. After all, if you’re one of those unshakable ones that patronizes the gaming culture, you’d be prying more to figure out where your fandom actually started out.

Even before our remarkably revolutionized consoles, various digital form of entertainment or platforms has slowly carved its path to its distinct success. As far as I can remember, our 90s childhood were invaded by arcades, and outdated versions of computers with hunchback monitors. But where did the culture of games originated? Similar to any other, gaming had a decent amount of its own history. Artifacts from the old Sumeria and Egypt has shown how our great ancestors had invented board games a thousand years ago. Granted that it all started from the legendary board games which is still present up to this date, let’s hop off to the age of elemental technology where our very first electronic computers served as the first digital leisure and the first pc games that were developed. Among those games are: Bertie the Brain and Space War.

Sci-fi Games

After the World War II, large corporations collaborated with universities turning college students as one of the earliest game programmers. This generation meant the birth of fantasy and sci-fi imaginations into an actual digital game. The concept of an electronic game system being connected to a television set was from the ingenious ideas of Ralph Bauer in the 1950s. Bauer coordinated with Magnavox Odyssey which generated to the rest of the primitive games being played through a television along with an electronic game set attached to it. This phase was then a start of a never-ending loop of the gaming growth and the list goes on. Without having to mention with the expansion of arcades, origin of gaming consoles, its culture, and the gamers behind it, it has escape to notice how the innovation of the gaming platforms are getting even better as time goes by. Given the latest transformation of gaming platforms of today’s generation, it opened the doors of possibility for games to be played through the human brain. John Adrian Tomlin’s The Imaginarium Machine showed this could be possible. With the gaming landscape breaking new grounds, there is surely more to see!

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