Science Fiction Writer

5 Ways to Be a Great Science Fiction Writer

Your plot may surpass the rest of the fiction works or it must have been something that any writer has not thought about. Yet these brilliant fiction ideas can easily be thrown overboard if not delivered properly to the audience.

Secrets to Fiction Writing

5 Secrets to Fiction Writing

Learning an overview of what fiction is, is not enough. You’re only seeing the tip of an iceberg but not the bottom. Writing a fiction novel is a never-ending process of learning, so it’s normal to commit mistakes, learn from it, and make use of that learning curve.

Writing Non-Fiction vs Fiction

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

One would normally say fiction is better over non-fiction or the other way around. These two categories can either receive great remarks or criticisms regardless of its difference and style— it’s the author’s writing practice and intricacy.

Gaming Culture

The Gaming Culture Evolution

The gaming industry’s robust growth over the course of time led to various cultural forces mounted with both of its up and downs. Contrary to the traditional arcade games in the past, games nowadays are being live-streamed globally,

Storytelling Techniques in Games

Storytelling Techniques in Games

Storytelling is a dynamic element in games; it serves as a narrative structure or a brief background to orient players about why the game came to exists, or what’s the story behind every quests or combat against a zombie menace or a pack of destructive mechas.

Best RPG Game

Top RPGs You Shouldn’t Miss!

The widely regarded scope of RPG (Role-Playing Game) peaked its digital recognition in the gaming scene over its numerous game streams, and its local or international game conventions. Here’s a brief illustration about RPGs— it is an interactive game where the player takes up the role of a particular hero or character in a concocted situation.