Writing Your First Book

A Quick Guide in Writing Your First Book

What’s holding you back from making first book come true? The next statement might be pretty cliché but let me drop it anyway “Life’s too short, for you not to take the jump”. Anticipating how your book wouldn’t sell in the future, or how it’s just going to be another ‘failing’ phase in your writing career will just frustrate your interest in pursuing it. Before anything else, know your goal why you’re writing. You can go experimental or go over multiple revisions to achieve your desired book. It’s going to be a tough ride, and giving up is not an option. How about a few tips in writing your book just to refresh you a bit?

1. What my book is about

Given that you have a goal why you’re writing that book right now, pick whatever topic you want to convey, and settle yourself in a comfortable writing area. In that way you can organize your thoughts and be reminded why you are writing.

2. Start small and develop good writing habits

Since this is your first book, don’t be too hard on yourself. The process is going to be rough and you’ll get disappointed at most times. Learn from your upsetting moments as a way for you to grow as a writer you aspire to be. Set an achievable writing goal daily that will not burn out your creative juices. Develop a habit that would help you enhance your writing skills and learn new things. Drop off any bad habit that would hinder you from losing your focus.

Writing a Book

3. Keep the consistency and motivation

Keep those healthy habit and new learning consistently. Consistency makes creativity easier and it slowly takes you out from your comfort zone until it turns a lifestyle. While you’re at it, you can read about the life of your favorite author and discern how they made it through. If it’s possible for this author to succeed, then there’s no reason you can’t.

4. Be fearless.

From start up to the finish, be fearless. Any fear of rejection, fear of criticism, and any associating fears can be used as your fuel to fire you up. Every successful author out there had the same amount of fear that you might be experiencing right now, and that’s normal. Don’t let the feeling overwhelm you, for your dreams are bigger than its strongholds.
As you start your first book, imagine holding it in your hands and smelling. Imagine countless of people being inspired because you wrote it.

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