Gaming Culture

The Gaming Culture Evolution

The gaming industry’s robust growth over the course of time led to various cultural forces mounted with both of its up and downs. Contrary to the traditional arcade games in the past, games nowadays are being live-streamed globally,

Storytelling Techniques in Games

Storytelling Techniques in Games

Storytelling is a dynamic element in games; it serves as a narrative structure or a brief background to orient players about why the game came to exists, or what’s the story behind every quests or combat against a zombie menace or a pack of destructive mechas.

Best RPG Game

Top RPGs You Shouldn’t Miss!

The widely regarded scope of RPG (Role-Playing Game) peaked its digital recognition in the gaming scene over its numerous game streams, and its local or international game conventions. Here’s a brief illustration about RPGs— it is an interactive game where the player takes up the role of a particular hero or character in a concocted situation.

Gaming VS Reading

Gaming vs. Reading: Which is Which?

Books are indeed backwards- compatible, but mind you so is Xbox and the upcoming PlayStation 5 that I’m eagerly looking forward to lay my hands on. The only thing you’d probably stressed over is the amount of cash you have to spend to acquire the entire Xbox and PlayStation set as opposed to how books would normally cost.

What Do Video Games Teach Us

What Do Video Games Teach Us?

The traditional parents are often stuck with the wrong belief of gaming as an unproductive source of leisure or social activity; how gaming has loosen up our learning skills and the turmoil it caused on our brain cells, at least not all of the common folks had this in mind.

Video Game Character

Writing Novels About Video Games

A novel written straight out from a video game you normally play; why not?

A literary piece born from a particular video game coming from two existing mediums of leisure is perhaps something that stirs up your gamer vein.

Writers Play Video Games

The Writer to Gamer Switch

There are countless ways on how a writer can improve; and one surprising influence that could boost a writer’s writing capability is indulging into the gaming realm.