It clearly demonstrates how the innovations of today’s lively gaming industry have extended its new benchmark, but not as much as how you expect in the year 2030. Tomlin’s book introduces a fresh start of the gaming industry where it sets out its high grounds during Electronic Entertainment Expo when Sony exhibits their new gaming console, The Imaginarium Machine. A new machine that brands you a better perception in the world of gaming and technology. When all the other gaming consoles allow you to play through arcades, PlayStations, VR games or Nintendo’s, the Imaginarium Machine enables you to play it through your mind. Yes! It involves your brain cells in beating the odds. The game alone lets you perceive the game environment the way you see it in the real world, beat obstacles, and set grounds to new possibilities.

John Adrian Tomlin’s The Imaginarium Machine book entitles you to move up your impression of what imagination is and how far it can go through the existing multiverse. Are you ready to play the game?

The Imaginarium Machine
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